How Do You Know Your Donations Are Going into The Right Hands?


13 April 2020

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How Do You Know Your Donations Are Going into The Right Hands?

The Prophet, upon him be peace, said:
“Give charity without delay, for it stands in the way of calamity.”

Giving charity is a noble and praised action in Islam. Regardless of which organization you donate to, you should know if your money is actually going towards a good cause. As long as your intentions are pure, God willing, you will be rewarded for helping others in need.

People living in the developing, rural areas of Pakistan are the most deserving of monthly food packages and cash aid, especially during this time of global crisis when most daily-wage workers have been dismissed from their jobs or aren’t earning as much as they used to. Our food distribution program aims to help hundreds of the poorest families across Pakistan enjoy nutritious, healthy meals

Your responsibility as a donor is to support a cause or organization that can actually benefit those in need. Here are some reasons why Beacon Help is the right choice for your donation.

A Helping Hand

What sets Beacon Help apart from other organizations is the amount of research and evaluation done on each client. To ensure that your donations go to where they are needed most, our team thoroughly evaluates the needs of our clients to find out what type of aid would be best for them.

Your Donations Go Directly to Our Clients

Beacon Help has a dedicated team committed to working non-stop to ensure no client of ours sleeps hungry. Our excellent relations with donors ensure that the aid we receive is consistent and steady. We’ve created a system that guarantees donations are sent to where they are needed most, regardless of where they are in Pakistan.

Evaluating Our Clients’ Needs

At Beacon Help, we recognize that while most of clients are food insecure, a great many of them are facing other problems, too. Unpaid bills, school fees and medical issues are just some examples of the other types of hardships they face. The most rewarding thing about working at Beacon Help is that our team is committed to providing our clients with what they can provide, according to what they need.


Our donation process can be explained in three simple steps: we locate people in need of food, medicine or cash to pay their bills or fees. Then, our team evaluates their needs and what the most efficient form of help would be for them and finally, we send them help in the form of rations, cooked food or cash.

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