Corona: the new face of hunger crisis


12 April 2020

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Corona: the new face of hunger crisis

“For now I ask no more Than the justice of eating.”

Pablo Neruda, Chilean Poet, Nobel Prize Winner

Corona Virus or the COVID-19 has ridden our world helpless. It has taken away the right of a pea-soup diet from many. As Neruda implores the justice of eating, we have been numbed down to our knees in this war against hunger.


Hunger. Malnutrition. Starvation. Our country has always struggled to feed most of its population. Adding to the already deteriorated situation, the pandemic has hit us bad. The country is in a state of constant lockdown. Daily wagers struggle to find cents and pennies to feed their families. They are found sitting on roadsides with their forlorn faces hoping they wouldn’t have put their child to sleep despite their hunger.


Here the trade-off is sickening. We cannot go for or against the situation of lockdown. Our choices have become ugly. Either we lift the lockdown to resume market which would mean the virus spreads exponentially and we face far & wide casualties. Or we cage these daily wagers, shut the market and let people die of hunger. Death by a virus or death by hunger: we cannot consciously pick any of the two.


In times like these, nations have to take a stand. We have a war to fight. All of us. We have to face death and let out the loop of ugly choices. You. Yes, I am talking about you. The one reading this, you have to power to create a third choice for these millions of souls. As you sit quarantined in your houses finding something to do, you can retask your life. Step forward, open your hearts and help us create an option of life for these people.


Your generosity can make sure that none of us has to face choice between death & death. Each time you donate, one less person goes to sleep hungry.

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